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Default Warriors Fire Montgomery, ... BDavis, Monty, Al Attles

Let's get real, folks. Baron Davis DIDN'T RUN Montgomery's offense last year. Jump shot, jump shot, turn over, dribble drive, TO... it was SICK! Oh, then missed more free throws by millionaires? So Cohan had to spend millions to make Baron Davis happy? B/c Davis didn't "respect" Monty?!? Can you spell headcase?

Nellie: I like Nellie, but he never got us past the 2nd round of the (expanded) playoffs, and never got us a Big Man. (Boston had what, 5 at one time?) Anyway, Mully has his coach back, Rod Higgins is there, etc., so he has all of his "buddies" around him - showing, really, that his basketball "network" isn't too deep. If they don't win this next year or two, Mully should be gone, and Nellie, too.

Al Attles: still gets no respect for the AMAZING things he did as coach in the 70s w/Rick Barry & Co. **NBA Title** Attles was insightful enough to bring in (in preseason) BUD PRESLEY in to TEACH DEFENSE - a JuCo coach who was a DEFENSIVE GENIUS & MADMAN! Oh, Attles didn't play 9 men... he played 11!! Don't play hard? Put your butt on the bench!!

Anyway, time for Mully & Nellie to stop living off of the Run TMC half-good team memories. If I were Cohan, I'd make them watch ALL FOUR OF ATTLES VICTORIES OVER THE WASHINGTON BULLETS, plus a few other choice games were the GSW schooled Dr. J, the Lakers, et al. They've got the pieces to be good, IF Nellie can coach Davis; if Davis stays healthy; if the young Big Men can play 10 solid minutes (each), on ocassion; and IF Dunleavey grows some balls. But please... the Bay Area kises Mully's & Nelli's butt too much. Will they now deliver??
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