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Default Re: Blake Griffin Won't Be The #1 Pick In The 2009 NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
How am I wrong?

An elite PG prospect almost always goes above an elite PF prospect.

Most people don't know of John Wall and his talent because he hasn't played college basketball yet and gained the nationwide attention, but off of talent & potential alone he is on par with Derrick Rose.

Wall projects as a better scorer than Rose, because he actually gets hot from the perimeter and can become unstoppable, while Rose has yet to develop a consistent outside shot.

this is a really stupid statment. lets hear these examples where elite pgs get drafted high. if anything, teams skew to drafting big over smalls. you are so wrong here.bogut and marvin were drafted over paul and williams when it was virtually consensus that paul was the best player at the time and for the future.

theres so many examples of bigs being reached for in the draft (kwame/kenyon/kandi) - do some research before you bring the attitude
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