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Default Re: Blake Griffin Won't Be The #1 Pick In The 2009 NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Masterz313
this is a really stupid statment. lets hear these examples where elite pgs get drafted high. if anything, teams skew to drafting big over smalls. you are so wrong here.bogut and marvin were drafted over paul and williams when it was virtually consensus that paul was the best player at the time and for the future.
An elite C prospect goes over an elite PG prospect.

Thats the reason why Bogut went #1, because he could provide more if he developed into the player Milwaukee thought he could become.

Maybe you were under a rock but Chris Paul was viewed as a great PG prospect but not the best player in the Draft, but Marvin Williams at the time was viewed as a high potential SF who could become a future #2 option for the Hawks.
However,even at that time people didn't agree with the pick considering Chris Paul would have filled a need for Atlanta.

Not everyone expected Paul to become as great of a player he is now in which he is considered an All-Time Great PG.

theres so many examples of bigs being reached for in the draft (kwame/kenyon/kandi) - do some research before you bring the attitude
Kwame=Elite C prospect
There was no Elite PG prospect in the 2001 NBA Draft.
Kenyon Martin=Elite PF prospect
There was no Elite PG prospect in the 2000 NBA Draft.
Micheal Olowokandi=Elite C prospect
Clippers picked Kandi Man over an Elite PG prospect like Bibby because when there is a top C prospect available its almost natural to take them over a PG and its always been that way in the NBA.
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