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Default Ok Lets Clean Up This Mess

Originally Posted by AndDru1
Doc is a better coach, and I don't know if it's the same GM who made the following moves but if so, he's no good.

Traded MCcgrady away, signed an injured grant hill, then traded the Cat away, then the Franchise, what did you get out of that trade again, Granted getting Howard over Okafor is a good move, but seems to me, this guy has gotten rid of legitamate NBA talent and brought in a bunch of unprovens. I like the potential, but unless they're trying to rebuild, this guy sucks.

First Off Brian Hill is a great coach who took a team with all raw talent and put everyone in their places, and is alot better fit then for the GM...ok i dont think it was him who traded away T-Mac but THANK GOD HES GONE...ok if we woulda kept him then right NOW he would be a free agent in a BIG market team MAYBE even in the east coast kicking OUR asses (not in houston FAR away from us) and WAS EVERYONE IN A COMA 2 years ago when T-Mac played HALFASS in his last season here and sat out the last half of the season with a "strain calf", so did u really think he was gunna comeback after a whole offseason in a team he (and city he hates) and just turn it on and carry a bad team to the playoffs...and ME-Mac was the one who told the Orlando Sentinal to take Emeka in the draft to make them a contender (now lets see how that woulda turned out)

Originally Posted by AndDru1

Dwight thinks they are contenders this year!

A bit premature I think!

Oh dear Jeasus,

In what the East? come on the NBA allowes 1/2 the teams into the playoffs and lets not kid outselfs the east looks up at the west...we proved we can contend and with an entire offseaon in Hills system were lookin damn good...and have u picked up a news paper and seen the confidence this young team has? they dont give a **** how old they are they just wanna win, even the young Nelson (and the team agrees) hes the captian and leader of this squad (not even LJ who i really like has steped up on his team like that)

as for now...

Amare is gunna be great, hes back to 100% and has looked amazing in preseason like he did in HS (i would know seeing as though i went to gateway HS and watched him and cypress creek kick our asses)

im sry for the rant, but i had to be the voice of reason
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