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Default Re: Hulk Hogan Contemplates OJing A B*tch

I don't blame Hogan. Its tough when you've been married to this ***** for 20-30 years or some crap with 2 kids, ***** never worked, while pretending she was just as behind Hogan's earnings as he was throwing charities, giving to PETA, etc. like every pampered gold digger, then all of a sudden bails on you when things are at their worst with their son in jail, and daughter going out on her own getting crazy. I mean can anything be worse than your wife of like 30 years leaving you for your son's classmate, and her spoiling him with your assets and money? While she's trying to get more and more of your money through lawyers?

I can't think of worse **** than that, and having to see it, and being unable to do anything about it. She has to be the most selfish ***** i've ever heard of from any story. She's really fugly too, i swear Brooke would look good if she didn't get the fat-ass mom side genetically.

I feel for Hogan. I feel for anyone that might've had to go through this, even OJ to a degree. Its a shame how these *****es that never worked for **** get rich from their husbands after divorce, and pretend to be diva's that start charities, their own businesses with the money, and pretend they are self made working woman I blame the men for being stupid and getting married in the first place(marriage is such a formality of a joke), but the women are some of the worst human beings alive.
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