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Default Re: Observations from a Nets game...

Originally Posted by gigantes
it's hard to believe people can say that with a straight face.
not you specifically, but there are so many people out there who think frank cost us a better season.

you know, like finishing sixth in the EC would have been worth being blown away by orlando and getting worse draft position for this spring? for what? i mean, wasn't this season the perfect opportunity to see if yi could make it in the NBA? there was absolutely nothing to lose and much to possibly gain by doing it.
The goal of the season was to win while rebuilding...we only accomplished half of that goal

Originally Posted by gigantes
second, i have a very hard time believing frank wanted to start yi on his own merits.
no, the writing was on the wall when a near-star was traded for the boy. this was thorn's doing and nobody else's.
Originally Posted by gigantes
as for hassell, at least he's the team's best defender. IMO you can never go wrong giving heavy minutes to your best defender regardless of his offense. and let's be honest- bobby simmons did not exactly light the place up stats-wise. other than being statistically good at threes (but not able to shoot them in volume), what exactly does he give us? we all know that if the nets could be rid of him and his contract, he would be gone before this sentence was over.
I like Hassell's D, but I also like they way Jarvis and Bobby impacted the game from the perimeter...Hassell didnt have to start to play...
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