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Default Re: Blake Griffin Won't Be The #1 Pick In The 2009 NBA Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
Eat ****.

Didn't you learn from the 2008 NBA Draft you dip**** that 9/10 times a NBA GM will draft an elite PG prospect over an elite PF prospect.

Blake Griffin=6'8 PF w/great athleticism, and developing range.
John Wall=6'3 PG w/great athleticism,blazing speed,& great court vision.

Blake Griffin: Everything you just said at a college level.
John Wall: Everything you just said at a high school level.

Scouts looking at the draft this year will have to decide about risk reward and while it is true that drafting a player that may develop into a great PG tends to take precident over a SHORT PF (if they're as good as say Tim Duncan and had the height the like the bigs).

It would remain to be seen if they believe that Wall has a better oppertunity to develop into that star over Griffin.

Rose last year was an easy and almost consensus yes and that's the only reason it turned out the way it did.
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