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Default Re: Observations from a Nets game...

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
The goal of the season was to win while rebuilding...we only accomplished half of that goal
but nobody in their right mind thought that this was going to be a winning team this year. frank and the team got us about 10 more wins than pretty-much every expert predicted.

I like Hassell's D, but I also like they way Jarvis and Bobby impacted the game from the perimeter...Hassell didnt have to start to play...
i think if you look at the overall season, the three of them were played in various roles- either starting, subbing, or sitting. i don't remember any particular bias towards hassell- in fact he finished the season as a bench warmer.

24.8 - hayes
24.4 - simmons
20.6 - hassell

hassell averaged by far the fewest minutes of the three.
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