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Default Re: Observations from a Nets game...

Originally Posted by gigantes
but nobody in their right mind thought that this was going to be a winning team this year. frank and the team got us about 10 more wins than pretty-much every expert predicted.
Well you are right...ESPN, SI, and other sites had the Nets at about 22-24 wins...Nets went 34. But just because people predicted that we were going to suck doesn't make them right.At one point the were 30-39, Nets looked to have a decent shot with Detriot slipping but He didnt capitalize and kept on starting Yi and Hassell.

Originally Posted by gigantes
i think if you look at the overall season, the three of them were played in various roles- either starting, subbing, or sitting. i don't remember any particular bias towards hassell- in fact he finished the season as a bench warmer.

24.8 - hayes
24.4 - simmons
20.6 - hassell

hassell averaged by far the fewest minutes of the three.
Well I was looking at the end of the season. The only reason Frank benched Hassell, was because he wanted CDR to have starting experience since the Nets were already eliminated from contention. I like Hassell, he brings D, but not every team has a good 2 or 3... I wouldnt mind if L put him in the lineup against stars, but if not start the better player(obviously not Trenton).
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