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Default Re: Observations from a Nets game...

Originally Posted by gigantes
agree, but it was still the best guess from the best experts and one of the few impartial ways to measure how well a coach has done.

do you actually believe that he had any choice about starting yi?
as for hassell, he may have started (some) games, but simmons still got the lion's share of the minutes. simmons also started plenty of games.

i look at the larger picture- ever since teams adjusted to the harris-led offense, the nets were only about an average team offensively.

even if frank had gone against thorn's wishes and started anderson it still wouldn't have made that much difference. like i said, so what if we managed to finish sixth in a dream scenerio, only to be slaughtered by the magic? it was better that we stayed true to the rebuilding concept and got better draft picks IMO.

if anderson and simmons had started more games, AT BEST we would have played one playoff series before being bounced. then we would be getting worse draft picks and everyone would be complaining about how we should have beaten the magic or whoever. the fans are never happy unless you win a championship.
What I bolded was what Kiki wanted to accomplish...Making the playoffs, you even admited we would've had a better chance to make the playoffs with tweaks to the lineup...Am I upset? No... I personally wanted to miss the playoffs ever since I saw what a dissapointment our D, and our Yi was...
I am just saying, Frank is the reason IMO, the nets did not accomplish what they wanted to this season making it a kinda lost season.
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