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Default Re: What can we do to make the world a better place?

Originally Posted by Hawker

Art is breathing for the soul. Self expression is the best way for a person to come to understand himself and how that self truely connects with others.

Originally Posted by Hawker
I see attempting to create art as pretty much useless outside of the use of entertainment and hobbies.

The reason that you see art as useless is because of the lack of vision that you place in creating something outside of yourself. Art comes in many forms.. if ever you have attempted to 'create' something of worth, that is long lasting, you have been an artist without having realized it.

Our culture has made us think of art as merely a form of entertainment or a way to consume time that is left over.

If we come to see art as a way of learning about humanity, and who we are as a person.. we will come to see that artistic avenues are worth more than the projected 'moment of amusement'.

You can look at the history of the world to realize that we dont value art, as we once did as a collective people.

Originally Posted by Hawker
Plus, art really is a, "you have it or you dont" quality.

You are wrong in that estimation. Yes, to some, certain forms of art are easy to produce or to understand, and usually it is those that reap fruit from creating and experiencing art.

The problem is that we live in a society that is very lazy when it comes to artistry... so if the concept does not arrive easily... we always seek to look at it as a non worthy effort, or at least we look at it that way when its artistic mediums...

Those who dont 'have it' just have to work harder at producing it.. yet is it not that way with most things that we do? Some aspects of life come easier to some people, and for the rest of us.. we just simply have to work harder at attaining the same results...

Most things having to do with art, is having an open mind about things that you are not familiar with. That is something that we, as 'creatures of habit', have a hard time doing...

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