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Default Re: Angels & Demons - Science vs Religion Featurette

Originally Posted by D-Shark
well, what most Christians don't understand is that Jesus said: "you are my brother". That means you have the same power as him. I've seen examples of this in Africa (of course it was on video so it's not proof)... but I've seen examples of a woman being raised from the dead because the people surrounding her were so strong in their faith.

America does a piss poor job at reperesenting Christianity if you ask me... IF you want to see some real faith in Christ, it's in Africa.

That's my opinion.

I repeat...

that's my opinion.
wow I just got done typing that exact same thing...

the vast majority of Christians in this country don't really care that much about it, go to church, study the Bible, is just something they label themselves and think very little of...

not ALL of them...but most of them...
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