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Default Re: Signing Marion During Offseason?

for real i think MARION is a great player, but for some reason he has it in his head that he is worth the kinda money Kobe makes, LeBron, CP3, KG, Duncan all the stars you name it, and he is dead wrong, all the guys mentioned create for themselves and others, they play offense and defense, they are go to guys, Marion is not a go to guy, he cant create for himself and he damn sure cant put the ball on the floor, he has an ego and chip on his shoulder that i don't understand. he is always crying about money and time in the lime light, and the truth is as underrated as he is, he still aint in the top 20 of current NBA players. he needs to check his ego and get off the I, ME, MYSELF mentality that Iverson is on, i never see AI or Marion talk bout the team its always me, i, myself, I CANT COME OFF THE BENCH, I CANT PRACTICE, I NEED MAX MONEY, I AM UNAPPRECIATED, c'mon!! shut up and play!!

funny thing is Jordan, Bird, Magic, any real "legend" of the game never wasted time telling everyone how GOOD they were or how THEY were the man, they let their PLAY do all the talking, they let the WINNING and the TITLES do all their talking.

MARION can talk all the me, myself, and I he wants, bottom line, who has the rings?! you have to EARN the right to talk the kinda chit he has been talking the last few years!!
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