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Default Re: Gettting your permit

I got it when I was 18. Like the OP, I lived in a small town, had a couple friends with vehicles so I was in no rush. Plus, I didn't have the $ for one at 16. After 18 in Massachusetts, you don't have to go to driving school, so I just took a couple lessons and passed the test with ease.

I had never driven a car in my life, and after 10 minutes behind the wheel my instructor just threw up his hands and said, "you can take the test next week if you want, you can drive." I was like WTF? Then realized he never even spoke a word to me after he said start the car, I just started driving like I had been for years. Weird. I think it was all the racing video games when I was a kid.

I took one more lesson and then took the test and passed.
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