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Originally Posted by bigkingsfan
Yea, Hostel only had the eyeball scene memorable. Saw is great if you like torture, I'm kinda used to this genre though, so not that shocking anymore.

The eyeball seen does stick out to me, but not as much as one other scene, for whatever reason.

The torturer goes around with a knife and starts slicing different parts of the body of a guy who's tied up in a chair. After he's done, he unties the guy and says you're free to go (or something like that). So the guy in the chair starts to get up onto his feet, but then he just falls to his knees screaming, because the torturer cut the backs of his heels. Then he tries to crawl towards the door using his hands, but the torturer steps on his back or something like that.

Just sticks out like crazy. Btw, I thought that movie was stupid, and I don't see how Saw would be any different. But then again, I'm certainly no horor buff.
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