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Originally Posted by SCY
Their young talent is garbage and except for Green none of them will be a competent starter, much less a superstar. They're too fukked over with bad contracts to get any impact FA's. They're not going to win a championship with Pierce and should give up.

Soi give up pierce for more young talent with the potential to ***** up as well? So you're fielding a college team wishing someone pans out?

Not against trading Pierce...but for the right deal. I dont like the idea of getting youth in return. I want youth that is on the verge of becoming something or has shown something ie Villy, Iggy (even tho a subpar 2nd yr still good) if you get my point. And that isnt the whole deal, that young player is included with others. Sure ya not gonna **** the village, but I wouldnt sell the franchise short because you could be drafting lottery until you hit.

Plus every team wont win won, and not many are title contenders. Boston should be concerned with putting together a playoff team moreso then trying to hit a 500 ft HR. Get on base atleast, drive in a run.
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