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Default Maybe?!?!!?Raps trade....

i say raps S&T mike james for magloire somehow, jus to make it happen then they could trade down to minny for their pick and ricky davis or sumthing, or atl for their pick and josh smith or suthing and if everything went perfect with the FA market that would be perfect for them to rebuild

PG-Marcus Williams/Jose Calderon/Roko Ukic or J. Williams
SG-Mo Pete/Ricky Davis(if they dont get smith)
SF-Charlie V/Joey Graham or Josh Smith(if they dont get ricky)
PF-Chris Bosh/Matt Bonner
C-Jamaal Magloire/Pape Sow/Kris Humphries

That would be the perfect season and a second roud team or maybe even the east finals??
huh??so what u think about that hit me back?!?!?!?
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