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Default Re: Scottie Reynolds enters NBA draft

Originally Posted by MarloStanfield
Scottie won't make an NBA roster unless he dramatically improves areas of his games he hasn't improved upon in college. Corey Stokes and Reggie Redding are much better prospects.

I'm just not a Corey Stokes fan. He's a poor man's JR Smith in my opinion. He basically has the mind of JR Smith and does everything that JR does but with less consistency. He's not as good of a shooter, less of an athlete, etc but still takes horrible shots and can't dribble very well. If Scottie had Corey's height and body, he'd be a 1st round pick.

Reggie's nice though, but probably a 2nd rounder at best. I wouldn't use "much better" when comparing him and Scottie in any regard.
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