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Default Re: 6-11 HS junior Jeremy Tyler leaves school to play pro ball in Europe

Jennings set the precedent, I suppose, and Tyler is pushing it one step further, not even finishing high-school. I guess he can't wait two and a half years to start getting paid.

I really don't know if this is a good decision for Tyler, for several reasons:

- I'm not sure that Euroleague coaches are as good at developing players as top American college coaches, especially for the American style of game, which is decidedly different than the European game.

- he'll have to learn another language, you have to hope he realizes that.

- Euroleague stats tend to be deflated. I think the highest scorer in the whole shabang is scoring like 20 ppg. There aren't many big time players who dominate it's a team game, not star-oriented. Just look at Brandon Jennings' numbers, I don't even think he (arguably the top American high school player in his class) was scoring in double digits, whereas he definitely would have been in the NCAA. And big men, even good ones, tend to score less than guards in Euroleague. So Tyler's numbers will look far less impressive than they would if he played American college ball.

- playing in Euroleague, besides deflating his stats, will remove him from the American public eye. Americans watch and attend NBA games, and buy NBA merchandise. They also watch NCAA Division 1 games. They do NOT watch Euroleague. American audiences will forget about him for a while, which can really hurt your hype for the NBA draft.

- it will also remove him from the eye and mind of many NBA scouts and to a greater extent NBA GMs. If their franchise's fans don't care about the player because he's in Euroleague rather than NCAA, the GM might be less inclined to draft him. And it is more inconvenient for scouts to go and see him. Now, if Tyler is THAT good, being out of the American public eye won't hurt him much, if at all. But if he is average in Euroleague, the lack of hype will hurt him, much like it probably did for Jennings a bit, who could be a higher draft pick among NBA GMs if he'd been tearing it up at Arizona instead of being tucked away in Italy.

- EUROLEAGUE PLAYERS ARE PROFESSIONALS. THEY ARE VERY, VERY GOOD BASKETBALL PLAYERS. AND THEY AREN"T GOING TO HAVE ANY MERCY ON SOME AMERICAN KID. So Tyler had better really be good, because he's going to be going up against much better competition than he would be in NCAA ball. American college players would be in his age group, and he would be bigger and better than most of them, allowing him to dominate. Euroleague players will be older and far more experienced, and just as big as him. If you think Greg Oden, or Michael Beasley, or Blake Griffin would have dominated in Euroleague like they did in college, you are dead wrong. And Jeremy Tyler won't dominate in Euroleague like he would in college either.
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