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Default Re: 6-11 HS junior Jeremy Tyler leaves school to play pro ball in Europe

- it will also remove him from the eye and mind of many NBA scouts and to a greater extent NBA GMs. If their franchise's fans don't care about the player because he's in Euroleague rather than NCAA, the GM might be less inclined to draft him. And it is more inconvenient for scouts to go and see him. Now, if Tyler is THAT good, being out of the American public eye won't hurt him much, if at all. But if he is average in Euroleague, the lack of hype will hurt him, much like it probably did for Jennings a bit, who could be a higher draft pick among NBA GMs if he'd been tearing it up at Arizona instead of being tucked away in Italy.

This argument holds absolutely no weight anymore, and has not held any weight for years.
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