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Default Re: 6-11 HS junior Jeremy Tyler leaves school to play pro ball in Europe

Originally Posted by wang4three
Scoop Jackson reported that there were some sort of shadiness going on with the school and the coaches were all fired. I read somewhere else that it may have been the way they were recruiting its players, I don't know what that may mean though.

My buddy is a teacher there and was an assistant golf coach. I'll ask him. That's how I saw the kid in the first place.

I still think there's an inherent risk in going overseas. I said it when Jennings went. As has been mentioned, the game is simply different. And combined with the cultural changes that you have to adapt to, and the fact you're playing with professional men, even if you don't think their skill level is up to par, that all makes it next to impossible to shine. And the trick to recruiting is leaving as much up to the imagination as possible. As far as your draft stock goes, you'd be better off dominating a Juco or even Prep school level than even playing well in the euro leagues. Even the americans over there are considered has beens or never were's, and there's little chance a high school kid will be able to hang with that level of grown man along with all the other adjustments.
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