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Originally Posted by Knine
I can shoot but I tried out at PG so I didnt show him my stroke. remember Ray Allen in the beginning of He Got Game shooting those college threes??? I can totally do that. Just swish shot after shot. I just didnt do that. Its still a pity.

Give the Sonics a call, I'm sure they'd love a cheap replacement for Jesus. Give you what, 50k per year, as opposed to 15mil for Ray. Then they could just sign Garnett with the leftover money. Check this lineup...

PG - Ridnour
SG - Some random 17yr old kid who can shoot 3's like Ray
SF - Shard
PF - Garnett
C - Wilcox

How could they not win it all? Plus the random kid can also dunk. AND HE'S 5'6!!! Give them the chip already, it's over.
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