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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
what exactly is the reason for bringing it back? if someone makes a good post, just compliment them. what is so hard about that?

I don't want to see people quoting long-ass posts anymore, saying:




What the hell does "I'm with stupid" mean anyway? That you are "with" stupid, and you think the same as him? Why would you be "with" stupid?

Anyway, I think reputation will inspire good posts from posters, and the crap will be cut out all together if we can see who is repping who.

Like say GOBB negative reps me because I make a trashy thread (fair enough), and I negative rep him for neg repping me, then people will see and they can gang up on me. I like the system. As long as it doesn't turn into hate wars.

P.S. I had pos repped GOBB a few times too, and gee. TMOGE got some love too. It's only that Gay beckham guy, the dumb knicks fan and the dumb mavs fan that I neg repped often.
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