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Default Re: Philadelphia Eagles Offseason/Draft/Free Agency News

Originally Posted by GOBB
Based on what?

Hobbs is proven one of the best in the NFL at kickoffs. And you highlighted 40 time. Dont make me copy/paste the top 20 40 times showing how those "burners" flamed out in the NFL. That guy could be better at trying for Olympic gold than being #1 on the kickoff leader boards

Based on his physique and speed.

In all seriousness he isnt a bad guy to try out as our kr/pr. Led the nation in kick returns on a BCS conference team. The Cardinals could really use someone to give them a consistent good return because our offense is pretty much automatic when we have good field position. (Minus the last play in the 1st half of the Super Bowl) lol.

Ellis Hobbs was a steal. Two 5th rounders for a top kick returner and good nickel cornerback. I'd take it.
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