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Default Re: April 29: Heat at Hawks, Game 5

Originally Posted by tontoz
He is taking 8 threes a game. He isn't going to the basket much at all.

But when he pump fakes a jumper and then dives into someone and contorts his body to try and draw a foul he could easily get hurt. Or when he dives to the floor like he just got shot after minimal contact again he puts himself at risk of getting hurt.

The fact that nobody talks about the Hawks injuries is a bit irritating. Judging by the media's coverage in this series there is only one team playing.

I disagree. Atlanta is getting their due.

Wade has to drive to the basket more. His injury is back spasms, that's common for someone of his size and build, especially if there is a family history.

Wade needs to drive and dish. Take the open jumpers by all means, though I doubt 8 threes are open every game, which is why I don't want him taking them. If they sag off, pull up.
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