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Default Re: Dwight Howard suspended, can't play in Magic-76ers Game 6

Originally Posted by greymatter

The Boston and Philly fans here are practically blowing their collective wads in glee over this one. Yes, Howard deserved a suspension for connecting with that elbow to the head.

However, the whole idea behind competition is beating the best out there --at least for those who really want to BE the best team as opposed to simply having the most opportune circumstances helping them most of the way.

You think Larry Bird was happy not to get to face Magic in the 86 finals because the Rockets beat an injured Lakers team? I doubt he was happy getting to steamroll an obviously inferior team.

A fan who isn't a loser would want their team to be able to beat their competition with all of its personel being healthy and/or available.

Get off your high horse you dooshbag. That might be acceptable in the regular season (I still say no even then), but if we lose we go home. If you need a bit of luck, so be it. Real fan or not, I'm happy and will be perfectly fine with it when we win Game 6. This isn't phucking highschool basketball, idiot.
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