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Originally Posted by Knine
I hate the coach. Everybody on the team probably will defend him. saying he know basketball. I seriously doubt he knows ball cuz he doesnt know potential when he sees it. And that was the impression I was trying to give off. I went up high for a rebound over everybody and it wasnt even MY rebound I just outjumped everybody and tipped it to one of my bigmen who didnt come down with it cuz he's not good. I blew the game open first play of the game with a pick for the two guard that shoulda just used my screen and take it to the hole. I mean the spacing was awesome. My teammates were pathetic. I dont know man. How good is the team if these guys are supposedly better then me. They must be monsters! I cant believe the coach cant recognize damn it!

Instead of setting at your computer telling us about it why dont u go outside or to the gym and practice right now. Everyone else will get better from playing this season. If you dont practice they are gonna pass you by more and you wont have a chance next year.
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