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Originally Posted by vapid
I would still be the same education wise. I wouldn't have picked up on a lot of extra curricular activities though such as piano, cello, and art, but I am extremely competitive when it comes to academics anyways. My parents are actually pretty lax compared to a lot of asian parents I know.

I think asians have not experienced as harsh prejudices as african americans, but I do think that there is a strong lack of recognition of the contributions and abilities of asian americans in the united states. Particularly annoying in my eyes is the emmasculation of the asian-american male. Its been said before but asian males almost never get leading roles, and even if they do they will not be the romantic love interest. One glaring recent example of this problem that I saw was in the latest issue of Esquire. The issue was on "how to be a man", and they recognized about 40-50 people as being "men." There were as many asians on that list (dalai lama) as women. (Martha Stewart) And their portrait representation of "men" in America included homeless people and a fat 11 year old white kid, but once again, no asians. Its definitely a disturbing trend that hopefully will be rectified as more asian-americans integrate themselves into american culture.

I would rather be a one-track specialist because if I had unparalleled ability I will almost undoubtedly be recognized for my accomplishments. Unfortunately, I feel like I more of a jack of all trades than a genius in any particular field.

Just off the top of my head:

Overrated historical figures:
Che (poster child)
Henry VIII
Hitler (for his evilness, underrated as an orator)
Joan of Arc
Mao (for any benefit he gave China, underrated as a terrible person)

John Adams
Caesar Augustus
A number of queens
Dr. Sun Yat Sen
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