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Haslem never guarded dirk unless you count 2 help defenders on every touch as constituting 'Haslem'.

Do you even care about reality when you say things about Dirk? Even watching highlights(not even full games) you can find plenty of times Dirk was guarded one on one without help. just i nthe dirk video I made that included the finals he was guarded one on one plenty of times and I tried to not include many of them(tougher shots are better highlights).

Why people jump to that insane "Doubled everytime" claim when a star shoots poorly is beyond me. Every single time a star sucks for any period of time someone has to claim "But they got doubled every time!".

It just doesnt happen. Not even Shaq in his prime got doubled every touch. It would be basically impossible to lose if anyone on a team got a legit on the ball triple team every time he got the ball.

Dallas would put up 125 a game.
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