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Default Re: Looking for a JOB

Hey! This is a place for escapism and your trying to ruin it for all of us! Way to go Captain Buzzkill!

On a more serious note though, indeed things may get tight but persevere buddy. I suggest you look more towards mom/pop establishment or local owned buisness places before going for a large faceless company because instead of hearing "sorry, not hiring right now" you can actually reason with sombody you can make a personal impression on.

Large places of buisness are either hiring exactly who they want out of a large crowd or they are on a freeze while mom and pop store owners are more easily able to allow a few extra (think 20-) hours a week to a trusted neighbor/community member. Thats how I picked my old job back up a few weeks ago, and while I wasnt working alot of hours, I still got a steady cashflow.

Best of Luck!
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