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Default Re: What are you reading?

Originally Posted by ZeN
Did you like it?

Do you recommend it?

Any personal feeling toward it?

This is my second read because I wanted to watch Apocalypse Now (which I still haven't even after reading it again for some reason).

Did I like it? Very much. This isn't my favorite, I liked "The Secret Agent" and "Under Western Eyes" better, but no one tells an exotic story like Conrad, the descriptions of the jungle in this book are brilliant. I think it might be the most cognitively challenging of all his stories because of the style of prose and also some of issues he raises (european disillusionment being the most interesting for me). The book is very unsettling though because it touches on every dark theme imaginable (madness, disillusionment, corruption, immorality...all that are very clear). Plot-wise it is very suspenseful, which is odd considering how slow it moves for such a condense story. Still, any time I write or talk about this book I always approach it with a level of uncertainty because he never really dictates his opinions over the book and a lot of it is very insinuatory.
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