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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by bdreason
No leagues running right now for me.

I played like trash last week, but I was playing at a new spot, against new people... good excuse?

I've got a pickup game on Tuesday, and I plan to bring my A game.

its all mental! just tell yourself it doesn't matter where you play. you'll be fine.

anyways, drove up north about an hour today with a hs teammate to go to an open gym at a college up there. I dropped the coldest dime. I was at the right wing then beat a dude off the dribble to my left. There was a guy wide open in the corner and another guy sitting on the low block. there was one defender in the lane and he stepped up, i got to about a step in from the free throw line and was looking at the guy in the corner the whole time. i jumped and then just shoveled it off to the guy on the block. like any other time you give a no look pass you gotta just not look at the dude finsh and jog back up the court LOL!
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