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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by Junny
This isn't really a brag, but more of a funny story.

3 weeks ago my team had our first game of the season in the local league. Now in this game, I already had 4 fouls in the first half (yes I have a big problem with fouls). So I was sitting out for a while, and then got back in late in the 3rd quarter. At which point my friend commits his first foul. Then he's told that he's fouled out.

What happened is that the guys who keep the records phucked it up and gave my 4 previous fouls all on him. Now I don't know how the refs do it in America, but in Australia the refs use hand signals to tell the record-keepers the number of the player who commited a foul. I'm number 12 (I think it's a fist and two fingers) and my friend is number 7 (an open palm and two fingers). So either the ref phucked up his signalling or the record-keepers phucked up the interpreting of the hand signals. So, according to the record, I still had no fouls at that point.

So I stayed on the court (for some reason they decided not to change it ) with 4 fouls, but officially I still had zero. There was only a quarter and a bit left with 5 fouls to spare, so I decided fouling wasn't a problem, and kept playing normally. I ended up commiting 3 more fouls until the end of the game.

So, my friend = ejected after 1 foul, and me = played the entire game and committed 7 fouls

Needless to say my friend was fuming.

While I'm on the topic, 1st game = 7 fouls, 2nd game = 4 fouls, 3rd game = 5 fouls (fouled out with 5 seconds left). That puts me at 5.33 fouls per game Probably not a laughing matter though, I really need to improve on this.

I think this happened to me once because I clearly remembered having 3 fouls and sitting out early in a game. After the game when I checked the stats I only had 2 fouls for the game, and I remember picking up a 4th early in the 2nd half! I wouldn't have had to sit No one on my team fouled out though. Think I just got lucky/unlucky that day, I'm usually never in danger of fouling out
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