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Default Re: Suns can learn from Cardinals/DBacks

I agree it is a good write up but I cannot take credit for it. I got the article from and yes having a little patience is a good thing and we are "close" but I don't think we have what it takes to win it all. I love Amar'e but I am no longer sure he is gonna take us over the hump. I say blow it up (I know with shaq on the books this makes it hard) and lets rebuild. but lets rebuild the right way, thats where our patience should be in. Phoenix trys to rebuild but the pressure from the fans and community to always be in the thick of things causes errors from the front office. Let's blow this team up and get some good young folk in here and really rebuild around some studs. I hope to see the first Phoenix championship before I die ( I will only be 26 as of June 1 so I have some time ). I remember watching the 93 finals and having my heart ripped out by John Paxon, and then again when Scotty Pippen blocked our shot down on the other end. I still have those images burned in my retina ... but I guess we'll see what they do over then next few seasons, lets hope for the best and expect the worse...
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