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Default Re: May 7: Hawks at Cavaliers, Game 2 (Round 2)

All of this is well and good, but I can already hear the bellyaching now. If we get to to the finals, and if we win it all, people will be crying out about how the Cavs had such an easy path to get there, how they would have a tougher time in the west, etc.

I think it's a testament to the organization that they can go out there against clearly inferior teams such as Detroit and Atlanta and kick their @ss. I think a lot of good teams have the bad habit of letting such teams hang around. The Cavs cannot be accused of being such a team. Bury them early, rest up, and save those legs and that energy for bigger and better things to come.

I skipped out on the 4th quarter so I can't really comment on Atlanta cutting into the huge deficit somewhat.
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