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Not airballing my layups anymore
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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

I had a game today with my regional team vs a school team. We played first half 25 minutes run time and the second half 20 minutes run time. So the other team throws it outta bounds and I look up at the clock (i'm the pg) it showed 7 seconds and running.. no stop. I kept telling the ref to hurry up and put the ball in play. My teammate inbounds the ball to me and I take a dribble and look up at the clock which said 1.4 seconds so I let it fly. The thing had very little arc but it went straight in... no rim. I was about 3 feet inside my own 3 point line.

If I took that shot 20 times I wouldn't have hit it once but there it was.. put us up by 12 going into the half
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