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Jordan shouldn't be allowed to be involved in personnel decisions.
Are you a longtime bobcat fan that you feel so strongly about it all of a sudden?

He traded away Rip.
Rip was a shooter who was asking for a big contract extension, jordan the gm was active as a player on the team and also a shooter (by that point). They wanted a guy who could break down defenses.

He drafted Kwame.
Bad mistake here yes. But kwame lied to him promising all these intangibles he supposedly had, when infact he improved on very little and followed up with little work ethic.

He declined to trade away the No. 1 pick for Elton Brand.
Lots of people passed on Brand. Hell, bulls let him go AFTER seein him play!

He gave Christian Laettner a huge contract extension.
This was a fine decision by me

You forget Jordan also got rid of wizards hopeless salary cap situation freeing up contracts of Juwan Howard and Rod Strickland, allowing them salary cap room they could later on use (and did). And he got doug collins to come coach for them. Plus he made wizards a national team and financially turned the team into making profit. Jordan's tenure with wizards was failure only in terms of EXPECTATIONS. On balance, that organization was in better shape both basketballwise and financially in 2003 than they were in 2000 when they won 19 games and drew flies.
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