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Default If you were NJ GM for the summer...

What would you do to turn things around to make this Nets team a playoff contender again?

Me personally, I would look at the roster and see whats lacking, and make improvements, gains, and cuts to be a contender again, and ask my self are they worth the money...

2009/2010 Salaries

1. Vince Carter 16,300,000
2. Bobby Simmons 10,560,000
3. Devin Harris 7,800,000
4. Trenton Hassell 4,350,000
5. Eduardo Najera 3,100,000
6. Keyon Dooling 3,564,000
7. Yi Jianlian 3,194,400
8. Brook Lopez 2,255,880
9. Jarvis Hayes 2,062,800
10. Sean Williams 1,629,120
11. Ryan Anderson 1,317,120
12. Josh Boone 2,056,967
13. Maurice Ager 1,042,440
14. Chris Douglas-Roberts 736,420

2009/2010 Total Salary: 50,390,287

Vince Carter, Devin Harris, Keyon Dooling, and Brook Lopez are untouchable. Eduardo Najera, Trenton Hassel (and Dooling) are good defenders and need to help lead the other players with that defensive mentality. Bobby Simmons and Jarvis Hayes have a lot in them and Bobby needs to get back to the MIP player he once was, and Hayes should continue to work cause he can be really good. Ryan Anderson and CDR need to contiue to develop. If they work hard in the summer they can have a major impact. Yi is the X factor for the nets. Can he get his confidence up, can he get stronger and tougher in the paint. If he can develop as a strong PF he's the next Yao Ming.
Sean Williams, Josh Boone, Maurice Ager...Have potential, but what are they doing really? Ups and Downs. Can they help the team ?

Jamario Moon, Sergio Rodriquez, Charlie Villanueva could be available. Can we pick up one of these guys. What about Travis Outlaw?

(Im just playing GM)
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