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Default My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

This years draft is admittedly a little on the weak side, but I find it really intrigueing. I usually employ the tiered system of picking. You fill your need within a tier, unless someone from the higher tier is available, then you take him almost regardless of need. But this year is so jammed tight, if feels like outside of the first guy, anyone can go anywhere. I think that will lend itself to people being more likely to roll the dice, and pick guys they like with less concern for percieved value.
What I've done is created two lines of thinking. The first is what I think teams will do, based on percieved value, roster needs, and general rumors. The second is what I would do, if I were running each team. Again, I'm considering percieved value, so even if I'm not crazy about a guy, I wouldn't let him drop if he would have a huge value throughout the league, but my personal taste is more involved in each pick. This was far more complicated than I thought it would be, so there may be some mistakes, but here goes.
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