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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

What I think will Happen: Blake Griffin – When you’re this bad it doesn’t make sense to draft for need. Not that they have any area all sewn up. But they did just take Jason Thompson last year who they like. Griffin’s combination of size and athleticism is just too much to take anyone else.

What I would do: Griffin – I’m pretty well on record of not being totally enamored with Griffin. Not through any real fault of his own. I just don’t think he’s going to measure bigger than 6-8, and while his post game is pretty well refined, and he’s got some face up game, I just don’t think he’s the kind of number one pick who’ll be the best player on a consistent contender. But there really isn’t anyone to challenge this. I said a few times I would have been tempted to roll the dice with Greg Monroe, but he’s not coming.

What I think will Happen: Ricky Rubio – The value here has gotten to the point where you’d be hard pressed to take anyone else. And it’s not like he isn’t a valid prospect.

What I would do: Try like hell to trade the pick. I wouldn’t even ask for the moon to move down even five spots. I really like Rubio the basketball player, but I’m afraid of him as an NBA prospect. I’m still not convinced he can defend in Iso situations. His defensive strengths, his instincts and ability to cheat lanes is something he’ll be forced to relearn. Offensively his jumper is flawed to the point it may have to be rebuilt from the ground up. And it’s not just that it’s not pretty or inconsistent, but it’s slow. I’m afraid he’s not going to be able to make defenders come out to defend him honestly, which will cost him his penetration, which will hurt his ability to create angles to open cutters, and on and on. Plus, without the ball, he’s not terribly valuable, because he’s not going to thrive as a finisher or catch and shoot guy, and you lose all his creativity, so he loses his strength. On top of that, the Wiz are a horrible fit. Gilbert will demand the ball, and his contract makes him untradeable.
I have to keep the pick, I take James Harden. He fits in between Gilbert, Butler, and Jamison. He can handle the ball and create enough to let Gilbo and Butler play off screens for stretches. He’s almost certain to be a good pro, even if his ceiling is limited athletically.

What I think will Happen: Jordan Hill I suppose, only because it’s the name most commonly put here. I don’t get it.

What I would do: There’s a few options here. I’d seriously consider Thabeet since Camby’s an expirer and I’m sure they’ll try to move him, but they already have Jordan. And Rubio would be a much better fit here than with the Wiz, but Baron Davis is as much stuck here as Gilbo is in Washington. A bit of a reach, but I take Earl Clark. He fits because he stretches the floor as a PF, yet can defend down at SF. Freeing up space for either ZBo or Kaman on the block, and allowing them to go small and take advantage of the slashers they have in Baron, Gordan, and Thornton.

What I think will Happen: Hasheem Thabeet. My guess is they figure this will solidify them defensively. There front line is pourous defensively with Krstic and Collison. The roster really isn’t bad at many spots. They could go Harden here, but the bigs are going to be few and far between.

What I would do: Well, in my scenario, Rubio has fallen, and this is a spot that works for him, and it’s not as if I don’t like him. I understand the allure of Thabeet, but I wouldn’t have a huge problem with Krstic and Collison going into next year plus a free agent or their other pick. Westbrook was great last year, but he’ll always be more basketball player than point guard. Plus he can cover for one of Rubio’s weaknesses in that he can defend the quicker of the one or two. There some smart players on this roster, and that’s something that Rubio will need to thrive. This team would become even more fun to watch.

What I think will Happen: Brandon Jennings. Sebastian Telfair has had enough time to prove that he’s not a top flight NBA PG. Jennings can change ends with this young roster.

What I would do: A bit of a reach probably, but there’s a reason, Demar Derozen. Derozen reeks of a guy to me that will be a better pro than a collegian. His athleticism is off the charts, and he’s got the foundation of a good jumper. After Foye, Gomes and Mike Miller are both expirers, and could be used as bait. I think Brewer is terrible. Carney’s not unlike Derozen, but they could use the depth here, and Derozen’s upside is huge. More importantly, I agree that they could use a PG, but the position is deep this year, and they have two more first rounders. They could even package those and move up if they really fell for a specific guy like Jennings. Or they could wait and go after Lawson, Flynn, Holliday, Maynor, etc.

What I think will Happen: Earl Clark. I question why Jordan Hill is projected to go top three, well here’s the reason. The Grizz have Mayo and Gay locked up, and probably don’t want to give up on Conley just yet. But up front, while Gasol was a good find, and brings a lot to the table, they’re really thin. Darko, Hakeem Warick, and Darell Arthur isn’t exactly the Big Three. And with all that, there’s not even you’re typical foreign big guy who can touch the rim without jumping to reach at here. Clark can at least masquerade at PF, and he’s another versatile guy who makes them harder yet to match up with.

What I would do: I already have Clark gone on this end. If I could, I’d try to move Conley, who I like, because Mayo is so good with the ball, and try to fill that big man spot with my later pick and or whatever I got for Conley. Then here I’d take Steph Curry, because his shooting would thrive next to a creative SG like Mayo, where he wouldn’t have to do the bulk of the creating. He’d be a great fit next to Mayo. Thabeet is definitely a possibility here too. The bigs are extremely weak in this draft, which is why Jordan Hill is a top five prospect here. The other option would be go Thabeet here, and maybe get Teague with the later first rounder, who’s shooting would play similarly to Curry’s.

What I think will Happen: This team is pretty much assembled. Bedrins is big and can run and rebound. They have young bigs in Wright and Randolf. Ellis is running the show, Jamal Crawford, Maggette, and Steven Jackson have the wing spots pretty well manned. There’s not a ton available here that will change those rotations. The next chunk of players rating wise are all wings, but with their contracts, they’d be hard pressed to move any of the Golden State trio out of the rotation. But Golden state often plays the you can never have too much of a good thing card. I’d see them going Tyreke Evans here. He’s not my ideal player, but he’s shown some playmaking ability, which would make him an asset to a team that pushes tempo. My guess is his workouts will push him on front of Harden on the Warriors board, because they seem to value athleticism more than some teams.

What I would do: But since he’s fallen in this take, they’d almost have to take Thabeet. He’s a big value at 7, and he’d fit alright because his defense and rebounding could spark the break, and he can really run. It’d be nice if he could catch the thing. That presence would allow them to go smaller at the four. Between he and Bedrins, they should be able to keep one of them on the floor between their twelve fouls.

What I think will Happen: This is a tough spot for the Knicks. They need plenty of help, but the guys who can really help them are pretty much all gone. They desperately need size, and I had felt like Clark would be perfect for their system, but I just don’t see him falling this far. The next best big at this point is probably Blair, but this is too soon. Harden would be a great value here, and even though they probably don’t need him, they’d almost have to take him. He could work next to Nate, because he can initiate the offense in the half court.

What I would do: I’m really tempted to go with one of the PGs here. Flynn or Lawson would both be interesting hand the keys to the Dantoni scheme. But both have size issues, and they’ve already got Nate Robinson if they want an undersized out of control PG. If Hill wasn’t here, I’d take Flynn, but even I have to admit that Hill is too good a value this far down not to take, especially considering how weak the bigs are in this draft, and how much the Knicks need the help up front.

What I think will Happen: Finally a team who’s needs match what’s available. An athletic wing player. Demar Derozen. There are other players of similar ilk floating around at this point, but I feel like Derozen’s youth and body will move him up the board in workouts because he is a monster physically.

What I would do: Well, I have Derozen off this board, so I take a different version of the same type of player. Terrence Williams. He’s not my favorite of these wing guys, that would be James Johnson, but with Bosh and Bargs, I’d rather have a more pure penetrator and shooter than an all around guy like Johnson. I do like Williams, and think he could have a particularly effective career if he’s willing to use his gifts defensively too. I’d be intrigued at trying DeJuan Blair, and playing almost completely inside out. Bargs at Center facing up outside, Bosh playing SFs defensively, but mid post PF on offense, and Blair roughhousing on the block on offense, and playing the post option defensively on the other end, but that’s too weird even for me.

What I think will Happen: Jonny Flynn. Sessions deal is up, and I think the similarities between Flynn and TJ Ford who the Bucks had so much success with are a lot to overlook. Bogut’s tendency to play at the high post, along with Villanueva’s face up game as a PF mean a lot of penetrating room for Flynn.

What I would do: Jonny Flynn. Although I’d be tempted again to chase Blair, for a lot of the same reasons I said about the Raptors. He’ll work best next to a high post center. I actually prefer Flynn to Jennings at this point.

What I think will Happen: James Johnson. Such an ideal fit. His size even lets them function better when Yi is facing up from the PF spot, with Lopez playing some high post, with Ryan Anderson playing as a face up big.

What I would do: Johnson. He’s a great fit here as a do everything type SF. He’s still got some work to do on his jumper, especially from range, but he can fill a lot of holes. I would consider this a big sleeper at this point.

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