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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

What I think will Happen: This teams got a lot of big bodies, and Augustin, pretty much set running the point. But outside of Gerald Wallace, the wing positions are spotty. Raja Bell has aged rapidly over the past few years. I’m guessing the Jordan/Larry Brown duo lean toward Wayne Ellington among a crowded group.

What I would do: Gerald Henderson. Ellington is a better shooter, but not by much. And Henderson has more creativity, more playmaking ability, and has a chance to be the type of guy who can get a shot for himself, which outside of the stars, is a rare ability.

What I think will Happen: Ty Lawson. They have to be looking for insurance on TJ Ford at this point.

What I would do: I would wait a bit to chase Ford’s replacement. As I said, there’s depth at the position, and Jarrett Jack is fine as a backup for now. I’d take Blair. He’d be a nice fit between Dunleavy and Murphy. Lawson may make more sense, in that they still have Foster, and just took Hibbert last year, so another big may not be a priority. But quality size is thin in this draft, so I’d roll the dice. Or they could still use more wing depth after Rush and Granger. But I feel like Blair is a good value here. Chasing the PG isn’t that necessary as Dunleavy did so much of the initiating last year.

What I think will Happen: Gerald Henderson. Still chasing a perimeter defensive presence, and needing someone to step in and take Grant Hill’s minutes. Why not another Dukie? Richardson could move down to the three.

What I would do: Tyreke Evans. With it looking like Phx wants to up the tempo again, Evans would be of particular value because he has some point guard skills, so you know he’ll play in the open court. He also gives them some perimeter defensive presence. Also, because he’s 6-6 and has some PG skills, you can play him next to Barbosa too.

What I think will Happen: A lot of money is coming off the books in Detroit. That also means a lot of roles to fill. Rip, Stuckey, Prince, and Bynum are the only thing I’m counting on to be there. And Rip’s expirer and talent could wind up very much in play if they go into full blown rebuilding mode. Unfortunately I think they’ve hit the cutoff of genuine prospects. Dumars has had some luck with undersized bigs before, so I could see them going after Blair, who’d be fair value here.

What I would do: I like Blair plenty, probably more than most (although I already have him gone), but if I were running a team in this drastic a need of remolding I wouldn’t bother picking a guy with such a limited ceiling. I’d be more inclined to gamble on BJ Mullens. Physically the guy is a stud. He’s got tons of issues, but this isn’t going to be a one year thing, so I’d roll with the guy with the highest ceiling at this point, even if it means possibly busting. PG is one of the few spots I wouldn’t consider a need, so Branden Jennings continues to fall.

What I think will Happen: Everyone’s excited about the young Bulls after their breakthrough Celtic series. And at this point, it’s going to be hard to find someone to fill the roll Ben Gordan may be walking away from. I’m guessing the idea the Steph Curry is similar would appeal to them.

What I would do: I have Curry long gone at this point. But I wouldn’t want his slight frame next to rose for extended minutes anyway. I’d take Chase Budinger. He’s too big and slow of foot to defend the two, and he’d be hard pressed to take too much time from Deng when he’s healthy. But his catch and shoot ability, and ability to run the floor would fit very well with Rose in both spots. His game may actually pair up better with Rose than the superior player Deng’s does.

What I think will Happen: With Andre Miller sweeping the ashes of the bridge he burn t into the river, the Sixers are fortunate there’s so much depth at the PG this year. Maynor’s athleticism put next to Thad Young and Iggy, along with what would be considered value here, play well.

What I would do: In my scenario, Branden Jennings has plummeted, and while I’m still not chasing a ball dominant PG on a team that’s already got Iggy, he’s too good a value to pass up.

What I think will Happen: My guess on the front end for the Wolves is that they already took their PG in Jennings. That leaves them picking from best available now. Gani Lawal is a physical specimen, and would offer a good pairing defensively next to either Love or Jefferson. It would round out their young front line rotation.

What I would do: If I were running them, I’dve reached earlier on Derozan, and hoped a PG fell to me here. And what do you know, I think it worked. I already have him gone in the other string, but here, Ty Lawson slipped. He could make things a lot easier for the rest of that roster. And his shooting is good enough to play off the ball when Foye has it going.

What I think will Happen: Bibby is up, as is Pachulia, so this team will need help in both spots. All its wings are filled, and there’s not a lot of help for them at this point. I figure they’ll take Teague in an effort to reload Bibby’s role as a spot up PG. There’s some similarity between Teague and Acie Law, but the new guy is always more interesting.

What I would do: The fits are even worse at this point with me running the teams. Lawal could help fill the void Pachulia left behind just in terms of physicality, and he’s as good a value as any at this point.

What I think will Happen: Boozer is all but gone, so I’d expect them to be looking big. Hansborough has the pedigree for a Jerry Sloan coached team, in that he’s tough, and you know he’s been well coached.

What I would do: Assuming he stays in, I’d much rather take my chances with Pat Patterson. He’s already gone through knee problems. But I love his foot work and work on the glass. Either guy is probably best suited as a bench player, but I’d rather have Patterson’s body to work with.

What I think will Happen: This team desperately needs athletes to run with Paul. One of the wings will fall, I’m not sure which one, but in this scenario it’s Terrence Williams. Who’d be a genuine steal at this point. The guy has a lottery body. The weakest point in his game is probably questionable decision making, but he was being asked to run offense at Louisville, I don’t see the Hornets having a need for that.

What I’d do: In this version the wing that fell is Wayne Ellington, not surprisingly, because he’s probably my least favorite of the group. Although for what it’s worth, he’s probably the best pure shooter of the bunch, so having him flattening out next to Paul isn’t the worst fit in the world. He’s already run next to an elite college PG to the tune of a national title. Hell, he may be a better fit than Williams would be.

What I think Will Happen: There’s no PG at this point that’s going to allow them to let Kidd walk. My gut tells me he’ll be back next year anyway. They’re playing better now, but this team at midseason was dying for a shake up. It won’t be Dirk, I don’t think they can replace Kidd, Terry’s deal is too long to move. That leaves Howard. He’s already been bandied about in trade rumors for a few seasons. Bass is up too at the end of the year, so they may be looking for a SF. I guess DeJuan Summers, adding a SF in the mix who can catch and shoot next to the already able Dirk and Terry would give Kidd a lot of kick options.

What I would do: Kidd, while old, will still demand plenty on the open market. Even if they keep him in the short term, they could be looking to groom his eventual successor, so I take Jrue Holiday. His size makes him a less than ideal fit next to Terry, who’s contract would actually run longer than this pick’s rookie deal still.

What I think Will Happen: I already had the Kings taking the cream of this draft, and a big to boot. They’ve still got Kevin Martin to help space the floor, but what Griffin will need is a point guard who can push the tempo, because one of his greatest assets is that he can beat PF from end to end. It’ll go to waste however without a PG who can take advantage of it. Jrue Holiday is young, but this could be a situation where a team feels like it’s getting a player who would’ve gone much higher a year later, and the team is in no position to be in a hurry with player development yet anyway.

What I would do: I already have Holiday gone in this string, but there’s still a PG who can push the tempo plenty available. Eric Maynor has a pretty solid flaw, he’s not a good shooter, but he’s physically gifted for a PG at this point. He’s got good size, and he’ll defend for you, and he wants to run.

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