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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

What I think will happen: If for no other reason than it’s being rumored all over the place, Omri Casspi.

What I would do: Casspi. He’s got some upside just because of his long body, but more importantly, they have no one of consequence coming off the books next year. They’re a good young team, trying to develop chemistry. They’re probably not going to find anyone here who’s going to crack their rotation. They simply need to get better together, and adding another guy into the mix probably isn’t going to help. The best thing about Casspi is that they can probably keep him in Isreal for a little while, and when they have to make a choice about the Outlaw, Webster, Batum, Rudy group, they’ll have someone ready to come in on a rookie contract to help soak up some of those minutes.

What I think will Happen: This is one of my favorite picks at this point. Sam Young. The guy is a stud, and I’d be shocked if he’s not a lot bigger than his listed 6-6. He’s also a lot more athletic than he’ll probably measure out. He comes out of a gymnast background, so his athleticism is tied up in body control, which is a little harder to measure than just sprinting and vertical. And he’s probably a better shooter than most of the other wing players taken ahead of him. His dropping has as much to do with his age, he’s 24, as it does with his game. Durant can’t play the two.

What I would do: Hansborough. I’m probably as big a Sam Young fan as there is out here in draftville, but by the way things went early for the Thunder in my string, with Rubio falling, they could really use the help up front. Hansborough is not going to be a star, but here they really won’t ask him to be. In fact, his dirty work approach will fit well.

What I think will Happen. Chase Budinger. I had them taking Budinger earlier, so I’d have to consider this a gem of a find for them at this point. Like I said before, his catch and shoot skill set will play really well next to a true penetrate and kick PG.

What I would do: My GMing may be coming into question if I keep taking guys only to have them fall to a later pick from the same team. Although here’s I’d finally take Sam Young. As I said above, I’m a huge Young fan, and for a good team that’s not got a ton of developing to do, and is more adding pieces, I’m not sure I’d rather have Budinger and Young than Curry and Budinger. But Curry’s value will be too high for him to get much past the Bulls earlier pick.

What I think will Happen. I had them taking Clark earlier, but they’re pretty set at the wing spots, so I’d still be looking big here. This is pretty well into best player available territory anyway. Still available, I’m guessing they take Pat Patterson. A little undersized, and there’s questions about his knees, but he’s right he’s a very tough match up on the block. And with Gasol able to knock down a jumper and pull centers away from the hoop, Patterson could get some mismatches down there.

What I would do: I’ve got fewer bigs left on this side of the board. The best body available at this point is probably Mullens, but he’s too big to play with Gasol, and they’re still working on Darko. I’d probably go best player available, and take Summers. Teague is still around, but I already took Curry early. Summers may be able to see some minutes as an undersized PF at 6-8. And his catch and shoot would be nice there with so many playmakers with the ball in Mayo, Gay, and probably still Conley (if I couldn’t move him for him.) More likely he’d serve as a back up to Gay, which would be fine, because when Gay’s out the ball will be in Mayo’s hands even more, and Mayo can create jumpers for him.

What I think will Happen: This is their third pick of the first round, and I had them taking earlier Branden Jennings and Gani Lawal. This isn’t a play I like, but this third guaranteed contract would put them close to the cap number, so they may go international to keep a man under rights but off the contract. I guess Emir Preldzic, if only because he’s got a body that’s got the most room to fill out, and he’s already a better ball handler and shooter than the other foreigner’s available at this point, even if they’re better athletes. He’s also still only 21.

What I would do: I wouldn’t be opposed to crossing the cap number here, if for no other reason than it gives me an MLE to use. At this close, I feel like holding back costs you two players by costing you that MLE. I’d take a guy here I think is a little underrated as a second rounde, Jeff Pendergraph. The guy is a really good face up shooter for a big, and plays with a lot of energy, a good finisher around the hoop, as evidenced by his almost 70% from the field last year. I know he’s a little light in the shorts for an NBA big, but he can fill out. He’s got a little Kurt Thomas to his game. He could play next to either Love or Al because of that face up jumper. And he could turn into a really good pick and pop type big.

What I think will Happen: The best body left on the board is certainly Mullens, but they have little use for him with Bynum. There major missing piece next year would be Odom should he leave, but there’s not replacement for a guy like that here. There’s a couple guys who I like as triangle guys here. One is Pendergraph, because he can knock down shots as a weakside big, but I don’t think they’ll chase that. Another is Derrick Brown. He moves very well for a SF, and his jumper would allow him to play on the weakside some too. I’d be intrigued by Dante Cunningham too. His post game as a SF would make him a good bench focul point in the triangle, and his cut and finish game could play on the weakside, but he’d have to add some serious range to his jumper. Josh Heytvelt can knock down weakside jumpers too.

What I would do: Well, I know they have Fisher signed next year, and I’m sure they’re not giving up on Farmar, but this would be a great value and fit if he fell here, Jeff Teague. Outside of Curry, probably the best shooter among the PGs, so ideal for the weakside of triangle. And at 6-2, he’s bigger than most, which Phil likes. Honestly, there’s a lot of a young Derrick Fisher in him. And if he could push the ball some, he could get them some of the easy shots they miss without a true point out there.

What I think will Happen: At this point, you don’t find a lot of physically gifted, 7-0, 275 lb guys, and Mullens is still here. Plus he’s a local kid. They won’t lose much next year. Joe Smith and Wally are about it. I’m guessing they hope Pavlavic returns to two years ago’ form to replace Wally, and perhaps Hickson can step up and take some of Smith’s role. The back court is pretty well tied up, Mo, Booby, Delonte are all signed up. But Ben Wallace, Varejao, and Z are running out after next year, which I’m sure they’re a little relieved about. So a big project isn’t a bad idea. I wouldn’t be shocked if Pendergraph went here, if only because his face up game as a big would free up space for Lebron to drive or (god willing) post up. But in the end, the potential is too much to pass up this far down.

What I would do: As I said, the backcourt is pretty well filled up, so my favorite bigs left would be Cunningham, Taj Gibson, and Heytvelt. And for reasons not unlike why l would have liked Pendergraph here, I’d take Heytvelt. He’s a tough kid, and he’s got that face up jumper to make space for Lebron. He’s got a little young Brad Miller in him.

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