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Default Re: If you were NJ GM for the summer...

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Yi X factor in the paint? More like the perimeter.
Josh and Ager have close to no potential

as for the GM spot
I would deffinently go for Ariza, A young guy that is doing really well with Kobe and Gasol... and could be a 6th man after 2010 if we magically get Lebron or someone...

Also I would try to Move VC to any desperate teams...only for a young player and picks though
People I would deffinently pick up are Ariza and
Ariza is the one guy this summer I'd love to see the Nets sign if they could. I doubt it happens though.

The Nets are pretty tied up this summer. If Trenton Hassell picks up his option and the Nets pick up CDR's and Hayes's, they'll have 13 players already. With their 2 draft picks that's 15 players. I'm not sure who they'd be able to trade for then.

It really is going to depend on what happens in the draft. They need a legit starting SF. I could see an Earl Clark from Louisville being that guy if he gets to us.

Before the draft the team looks like this:

Devin Harris/Keyon Dooling
Vince Carter/Chris Douglas-Roberts
Bobby Simmons/Jarvis Hayes/Trenton Hassell
Yi Jianlian/Ryan Anderson/Eduardo Najera
Brook Lopez/Josh Boone/Sean Williams

I'd like to see them take Earl Clark in the draft. As for the 2nd rounder, that's a wild card. I could see taking an international player and letting him learn in Europe for awhile. Then maybe sign Boki Nachbar back. I'm not comfortable with the Nets back up big man situation. Boone and Williams will be gone eventually. They need to find a legit back up.
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