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Default Re: wrestling fans look what I just picked up...

I'd love to see the Bret Hart one at some point, just not enough to actually buy it. Hulk Hogan can take a leap into a cage of acid-breathing, raping bears for all I care, and I don't want to see anything of his.

I do want to pick up that stars of the 90's DVD as I've read they actually did a really good job with it. However, the best DVD set they've put together remains, and always will remain:

I don't agree with all the choices, but there are only a few truly glaring omissions and I understand why they compiled it the way they did. Just the fact that they put on a match like HBK/Mankind from a meaningless 1996 PPV just because the match was that phenomenal shows what a good job they did with this set.
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