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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
What I think will happen: If for no other reason than it’s being rumored all over the place, Omri Casspi.

What I would do: Casspi. He’s got some upside just because of his long body, but more importantly, they have no one of consequence coming off the books next year. They’re a good young team, trying to develop chemistry. They’re probably not going to find anyone here who’s going to crack their rotation. They simply need to get better together, and adding another guy into the mix probably isn’t going to help. The best thing about Casspi is that they can probably keep him in Isreal for a little while, and when they have to make a choice about the Outlaw, Webster, Batum, Rudy group, they’ll have someone ready to come in on a rookie contract to help soak up some of those minutes.

After the Oden debacle I don't want to see a talent like Casspi go to the Blazer organization. He may only be projected to be late first round or early second round but his talent is genuine. I don't want to see potential wasted again from poor management.
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