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Default Re: Knicks PROMISE Curry: "We want you!"

Originally Posted by indiefan23
How can't you be crazy about him? He's undersized but his footwork is better then almost all NBA players and he can shoot the lights out. His passing game has gotten way better this year.

He's 6'3" which is the same as Eric Gordon, plays the same game and already played it better last year then EG. Even if Curry's ceiling is shooter off the bench how don't you want that on your team? He 'will' win big games for you so if you draft him and he's just a shooter, you get dibs on a low cost assassin from long range. You win.
Yeah, sure, he could be that. He could also be like any number of the other college scorer/shooter types that don't pan out. Right? That's just as likely a possibility as what you mentioned.

I just don't get a good feeling about him. Could I be wrong? Of course. But so could you so let's not act like he's some kind of slam dunk. Especially when we're talking about the 8th pick in the draft.
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