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Default Re: May 11: Cavaliers at Hawks Cavaliers, Game 4 (Round 2)

Does anyone remember who lebron was jawing with on the sidelines last game? I don't remeber T.I. having a yellow shirt on. I got this from another site..

47-12-8; LeBron James is the Giant Peach, Cavs up 3-0

something else happened, something that usually spells the death of the opposition. LeBron started jawing with a fan. For the final 14 minutes of the game or so LeBron had something to say after every basket, and there were many. Inside, outside, it didn't matter. LeBron James was in a zone and it didn't matter.

This was the first time, for me at least, that my blood got pumping a bit during a game. Not that there was any kind of worry, just a thrilling game that tested the mettle of the Cavaliers. They answered the call, responded when the Hawks took their best shot. That is what championship basketball is all about. The Cavaliers are playing championship basketball and will look to close the Hawks out, and get the rest that comes with it, Monday Night.

In the comments section...

I went to the game last night. I saw when the fan start talking to LeBron after the Zaza ejection. He was someone who was sitting next to rappers Nelly and Jermaine Dupri.

It went like this;:

Fan in yellow shirt; “LeBron, you ain’t the MVP. You is overrated as hell”

LeBron; “Who are you? Should I know your name?”

Fan; “I’m the man who knows your overrated!”

LeBron; “Overrated? We’ll see about that. I got something for your ass.”

Every basket after this episode, LeBron looked right at Mr. Yellow and asked him if he was getting a good view.

A couple of baskets later, Mo Williams walked by and told the gentleman “You screwed up (deleted). Hawks had a chance until you opened your mouth.”
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