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Default Re: Knicks PROMISE Curry: "We want you!"

Originally Posted by Dasher
Going 1-12 from deep is proving yourself. Curry is a smaller Robert Vaden with at great deal of pub because he was this year's chosen it guy. If your team picks him in the top 10, the GM should be fired. Every year there are comparable talents to Steph who go undrafted. He is not worth a first round pick, let alone a lottery pick.

I really do wish we were friends, cuz in 5 years I'll have insta-smack to go to any time you want to disagree with me. "yea, remember when you said Stephen Curry shouldn't be drafted in the top 10 of a brutally weak draft year, was a smaller Robert Vaden and wasn't much different then all the shooters who go undrafted?" "yea?" "Well, same thing." "Hey, you know his father sank more 3's in a season then anyone and had a 15 year career, right?" "yea, I knew that" "just checking"

It'd be great to bring up every time Curry sinks a dagger vs some team that didn't fight through a screen after a double team on their star during some huge playoff moment. That's beyond the fact that he's most likely capable of backing up PG too. Anyway...
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