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Default Re: 80's "Metal" Is Good.

Originally Posted by JayGuevara
Skid Row - 18 And Life

Feel free to add some of your own favorite awesome glam/hair metal songs from the 80's.

On a semi-related note, Sebastian Bach in the late 80's makes a better looking white girl than quite a few I've slayed. I dunno how that makes me feel.

Well, judging from the fact you start a thread praising some of the gayest music ever I think it leaves you but one choice.

To go on the next Rock of Love and try to fuck Bret Michaels. Or you could just phone Sebastian Bach, I'm sure he's got time to hang out, other than a three episode arc on Trailer Park Boys (which I guarantee was pro-bono) I don't think he has had much work since '91.

You've got a hard-on for no talent, anorexic, make-up, spandex wearing 80's douche rockers.
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