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Default Re: Knicks PROMISE Curry: "We want you!"

Originally Posted by wang4three
Come on now, Curry isn't as bad as people are putting him out to be. He'll be a fine player in D'Antoni's system. If D'Antoni could turn Barbosa, a guy who has virtually no point guard skills into the 6th man of the year, he shouldn't have problems with making Curry a serviceable player.

Yea, exactly. How is saying that he's going to be small defensively on a Mike D'Antonio team make any sense? If guys like Boobie Gibson/Derek Fischer/Steve Kerr and hey, why not say Dell Curry, can be shooters on finalist/championship teams what reason in the world you would give for saying Stephen Curry could not?

He's already been looked over once when no major programs would take him. He destroyed some of those schools in the tournament. Curry's not going to shut anyone down but I can tell you one thing: there are going to be some teams killed by him.
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